We pray that here you find God, you find community & you find a future.

Here are some statements about us:

  • Our identity is secured in Jesus Christ, in his life-giving death, and death-defeating resurrection.
  • Our expression and formation is by and due to the power and gifts of the Holy Spirit.
  • Our goal, our prayer, is to reflect the nature, the wonder and the grace, of our heavenly Father.
  • Our culture is life, fun, laughter, colour, and beauty, as well as sober, dedicated and intentional. We promote excellence, not perfectionism, nor laxity.
  • We aren’t culturally monolithic, but neither are we culturally disparate.
  • We take the gospel seriously, not always ourselves.
  • We discriminate – against the dehumanization of sin, the paralysis of fear, and the folly of faithlessness.
  • We include, we welcome, all and any into a life-transforming encounter with Jesus Christ – the Saviour and Redeemer.
  • We are biblically orthodox, relevant in praxis to our culture and era. We express grace and truth.

Here are some questions you may have. If you have a question that's not covered here, please reach out and we would be happy to answer it for you. 

Q. How long are your services?

About 90 minutes! We always have worship, prayer, Bible-based preaching, something specific to the kids, and before/after connection with each other. 

Q. What is there for women's/men's/youth ministry?

We do about 4 studies/groups a year that launch in the fall. We mix it up between things like men's breakfasts, book studies, ladies' nights, family potlucks, courses, etc. In the summer, we prioritize casual hangouts over structured studies & groups. You can expect beach barbeques and Sunday breakfasts. A schedule to come...

Q. What do you have for kids?

We have a kids program for 2 years old to grade 5 that run during our Sunday services. Things vary slightly from location to location, but usually, this is what happens... when you get there, check your kid in at the C3 Kids desk. We'll ask you a few questions, give them a name tag and give you a label to use when you pick them up. Your child(ren) will sit with you for the first part of service (usually all the songs) and then kids will be dismissed to go to the kids room for their own program.  We have lots of safety procedures and training in place for your kids and for our workers. If you have questions, just ask! We are creating a safe place for your child(ren) to meet Jesus. 

At the moment we don't have anything catered to our preteens and teens, but you can often find them helping in C3 Kids, behind the production table, or making coffee. Like a family, there's a place for everyone, and we all pitch in! :)